Large Indoor Hanging Glass Lantern

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  • Gilded bronze finish
  • Large flemish ripple glass
  • 800mm at widest point
  • 1500mm high
  • 4 lights
  • Approx 90kg

With a more modern design and an impressive size, this hanging lantern is made to fill a space with its presence, as well as light. Large panes of flemish ripple glass work to soften the light from four lamps in its gilded bronze frame.

Handcrafted in Auckland, NZ, from high quality wrought iron through a process perfected over 45 years. Each piece is crafted by experienced wrought iron artists who shape and join each piece by hand before being finished with exquisite glass, flourishes and final touches.

Each light fitting is unique and designed to be a centrepiece of your home. We are proud to be supporting New Zealand artisans, and delivering such stunning pieces just waiting for the right home.