Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

7th Oct 2020

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

As we are approaching the summer months why not think about starting fresh or enhancing your existing outdoor lighting. Remember outdoor lighting is a great way to add curb appeal as well as safety to your home garden, walkways, stairs and entrance areas.

The first step is to decide what exterior areas or objects you want to light up. Have a look below at the key areas to help inspire you and your outdoor lighting.


Illuminate around the sides of your house using spread and diffused lighting. Wall washers, down-lighting and sensor lights are a great way of providing light over a wider area with low-level illumination to create a soft ambient glow.

Driveway Lighting

Highlighting your driveway with light not only improves safety and security, but also creates an attractive statement and flow right up to your house. Choose specific inground lighting which can withstand being driven over such as https://lightconz.co.nz/inground-uplighter-316-stainless-steel/.

Rear Yard Lighting

Floodlighting/spotlights from your house can be a great addition to your outdoor patio area and are ideal for outdoor BBQs and entertainment by casting broad illumination over wide areas. Also consider up-lighting, highlighting or accenting specific features in your yard through using a more direct beam of light at the base of an outdoor sculpture, tree or shrubbery. Try our exquisite copper outdoor lights to elevate any outdoor area, https://lightconz.co.nz/single-spot-adjustable-raw-copper-wall-light/ or https://lightconz.co.nz/12v-garden-spike-adjustable-raw-copper/

Front Entry Lighting

Illuminating your front door or steps provides a warm welcome after dark and is a great safety and security feature. Select the right up or down lighting and consider incorporating motion sensors or automatic timers.

Steps and Paths

This is an area that can frequently be missed but are also important. Consider using spread or diffused lighting such as bollards, inground path lights or specific outdoor step lights. Make sure that lights are angled down to avoid glare as well as safe and easy navigation of steps and obstacles.

A key point to never forget is to not overdo it. A little light in the right places goes a long way at night!