Astra LED Downlight 3k Reduced Power - White, Black or Brushed Aluminium

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  • White, black and brushed aluminium trim options
  • Width: 106mm (Trim)
  • Height: 39mm
  • Cutout: 87-101mm
  • Long life of 60,000 hour+ lifespan
  • IP66 Water/Dust Resistant
  • 90+ CRI
  • Dimmable
  • Includes PhoenixTM 2/3 advanced dimmable LED driver with screwless terminal cover and L/N/G extra-large input terminals.
  • 10-Year residential warranty on full product including LED driver. 7-year commercial warranty on full product including LED driver.

Astra LED is a small form factor, fully featured premium luminaire. A class inspiring fitting that can be customised to suit your brand new home, whether you want to make a bold statement with a black or aluminium trim or let it blend away into the background with a white trim the choice is yours.  Astra demonstrates beautiful aesthetics and engineering so you will experience a smooth wide beam light that has superb colour rendering and exceptional lifespan.  Astra LED is bright, easy to install, low profile and yet has over 950 lumens of light at under 11.5W to bring your room to life.

These LED Downlights are designed and assembled in Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information please use the following link